Muur is the ancient name for the original people of the earth, based on ancient teachings of the indigenous people of the Washita (OUACHITA) River Valley and its tributaries. The indigenous, aboriginal peoples of this part of the Americas recognize ourselves as Muurs,


Western His-story labeled us as ‘Ouachita Indians’ and our indigenous family of the Caribbean Islands as “West Indians,” but we all did not migrate here from the sub-continent of India. We are the indigenous mound builders of this land. And yes, we love and respect our ancient Indian family of the Ganges and Indus River Valley region, including the ancient Dravidians and indigenous Dalits, who are still marginalized in a caste system that has been institutionalized since colonial times, but is slowly eroding into justice for females and the darker people of ancient, indigenous  heritage.

We are one people sharing one God with our indigenous brothers and sisters of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and all the Pacific Islanders of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.

Our ancestors teach us that Mu/Muu (Pronounced MOO) is the indigenous name of the land. Muu is all matter, maternal purpose, divine matrimony. Living, increasing, viewable life. Procreation, effort for More.

We are Mu. The most ancient people called ourselves Muur, Mutu, amd Muntu. One ancient word for the Creator was Mungu. Mu is the root.  Long before names like America, Africa, Asia or Europe, the aboriginal humans call the land Muu. We are Muurs. The Honorable Mr. & Mrs.   Madame et Monsi-eur.

Mu, Ma, Mo, Mer, Mar, Mor, mur, Maur, Mour,

First thing we say each day, “Good MOUR-ning.”

The ancestors teach about the respect more recent civilizations have for Muu. A Judeo-chritstian symbol for Muu has been a calf or a cow with a sun disk. We still see this demonstrated by the ancient use of the cow as a sacred symbol, and the important roll cattle played in early commerce and spiritual life. Even Abram ( who later changed his name to Abraham), had Chaldean parents in the city of Ur who worshipped a sacred cow (Hathor). Later, when followers of Moses lost faith while in the wilderness, they returned to the worship of what? A Golden Calf! And still, the MUURning beverage of choice is, of course, mom’s or cow’s MILK! The Washitaw have never worshipped any animals, planets nor man. We have faith in the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth. We believe in One Love, Amour!

Today, we can find a myriad of variations and representations for the name Muur:  Moor, Mohrs, Moore, Muir, Mora, Mauro, Mer, Meri, Morenos,  Mohawk, Marikanos, Maroons, Mulattos, Mayaimi, Maya, Mayaca, Xaymaca, Mata Mora, Micmac (Mc/Mac), Mr., Ms. & Mrs., just to name a few.

To all  Muurs, true and faithful, everyone on the planet has Muur-ish roots.  We are all seeds of the original man & wo(mb)man God created on the planet in the valley of the mountain of the mun(moon). We know the Meshaceebee (Mississipppi) Valley, the Amazon,  and the Nile Valley (River Hapi) were once together, parts of one land from Morocco and the Sahara to  Mexico.

(From the wall of Muntezuma to the shores of Tripoli.)

It may take a few more years before the world is ready to accept the truth about our story, but the time has come to embrace the harmonies of life shared by each of us.

Every His-story teaches the first people of the earth started in the NIle River Valley, near the equator.

The Land of MU. Our Story  is not a Mystery.

Give Thanks!

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Below are Segments of Muurish lectures from 2006.

They are ripped from a DVD entitled Ancient Ones Revisited.

It has 2 documentaries on part of our legacy as Washitaw Muurs.

We did not post these clips on utube. I personally have serious reservations about utube. We have no control over who uses our images or intellectual property. Such is the nature of this Age of Enlightenment.  Information can no longer be suppressed.

The world has to thank formerslave2008 of utube and the host of the website for their audacity and initiative to extract the teachings they found significant. In hindsight, we bid them Hotep.

Now that dozens of others have take the unauthorized privilege and use our video lectures in their own productions, without recourse from utube for blatant copyright infringements, we are compelled to continue teaching of Our Story, as determined by our ancestors. Not His-Story, but Our Divine National Legacy.

Stay tuned to this channel.



The following Utube clips were copied from

the DVD: “Ancient Ones Revisited”

Order the 2-documentaries-in-1 DVD today!


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