One Love is Law 
in The Washitaw!
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U.N. Declaration 
on the Rights of 
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Join Our Efforts
to Create an Indigenous Peoples Cultural Center
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Washitaw International Human Rights Network

Below are the pyramid mounds on the banks of the

Black Warrior River near present-day Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

(See page 9 of  Pyramids in America for more details.) 2015

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My Homeland: Le Washitaw
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In Honor of 
Her Royal Highness
Empress Verdiacee
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This is a shout out to All Muurs and Moors!

Fundraiser for a Washitaw Indigenous Peoples Cultural Center in Richwood
to Honor the Empress of the Washitaw. We have the land.
Time to plan a return to the land and lend a hand!Magnolia_Treee_Institute.html